NobleUI - Laravel Admin Template v 2.2

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Laravel is a PHP based web-framework for building high-end web applications using its significant and graceful syntaxes. It comes with a strong collection of tools and provides application architecture. This template is built on Bootstrap - The most popular CSS Framework for developing responsive and mobile-first websites. This template extended bootstrap components and add custom components.

What's include

NobleUI - Laravel comes with a simple and logically organized file structure for easy to understand and maintainability.

Set up the Development Environment

Ensure that you have Composer and Nodejs installed on your machine.

Installation Steps

Assuming your machine meets all the requirements - let's proceed to the installation.

1. Navigate to the project folder (demo1, demo2, demo3, or demo4)


2. Install Composer dependencies:

3. Install NPM dependencies:

4. Copy .env.example file and create duplicate. Use cp command for Linux or Mac user.

If you are using Windows, use copy instead of cp.

5. Generate your application encryption key:

6. Start the localhost server:

Then go to

Now Need some Laravel Commands
Command Description
npm run watch For watch files and compiles assets on the fly (also auto reloads browser).
npm run dev For compile assets.
npm run prod For compile and prepare assets for production.
You need to know how laravel works in order to use this version. Check the Laravel official documentation.

Right-to-Left (RTL)

The RTL does not enabled by default. It can be easily setup with a RTLCSS webpack plugin.

Generate RTL CSS:

1. Open [nobleui-laravel]/template/[demo]/ folder. Example "demo1".

2. Uncomment the following two lines in the webpack.mix.js file (~Line number 2 and 20 ).

3. Run npm script command to compile assets.

You will be able to get the bundle CSS with RTL by path: [demo]/public/css/app.rtl.css.

4. Open the master.blade.php file from [demo]/resources/views/layout/master.blade.php. Change the file path to the RTL CSS path:

  • From: <link href="{{ asset('css/app.css') }}" rel="stylesheet" />
  • To RTL CSS: <link href="{{ asset('css/app.rtl.css') }}" rel="stylesheet" />

5. In the master.blade.php file, set dir="rtl" on the html element.

Dark Sidebar/Header

The Dark sidebar (in Demo1) & Dark header (in Demo3) are does not enabled by default.

Add class to the body element as given below (in resources > views > layout > master.blade.php).

  • For the dark sidebar (in Demo1), set class="sidebar-dark" on the body element.
  • For the dark header (in Demo3), set class="navbar-dark" on the body element.



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